At The Penguin Herald, we strive to show your students that the world is a beautiful place. Oftentimes, it’s the more negative news stories that make their way into the classroom and that needs to change.

We recently launched an alpha version of The Penguin Herald, which was met with great praise. Following feedback, we have made edits and improvements, and we are now releasing our beta version.

We need your help to make TPH the best it can be – that’s why we invite you to join our waitlist, free of charge and with no strings attached. Together, we can create a resource that’s perfect for you and your students.

Can You Provide More Details?

In short, we curate, rewrite and then custom illustrate positive news stories from around the world. Following that we take those stories and turn them into resources & lessons that any educator can use.

Can You Provide Even More Details?

Please join our waitlist, once you sign up (for free, no strings attached) we are able to share with you a full list of details, examples and more!

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Feel free to email us any time at team@thepenguinherald.com


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