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Welcome To The Waitlist

We are so glad you have decided to learn more about The Penguin Herald. Below you can find more information and download our sample pack! We will be in touch in a few days to ask for your feedback!


You want more details so here they are. The Penguin Herald consists of 3 parts:
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    TPH Newsletter

    This is a dedicated newsletter filled with curated positive, happy, feel-good news stories from around the world. Each newsletter will have a feature story + custom illustration which you can use. As an educator, you will NEVER run out of positive stories to share with your students! Beyond that we aim to provide resources that will help you in your day2day profession.
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    TPH Lessons

    Each TPH Newsletter’s feature story is turned into a classroom lesson pack which includes: Separate Story Sheet, Activity Sheet, Questions Sheet, Illustrations and much much more for you to share with your students. There is also the optional TPH podcast (private) which narrates the story on your behalf.
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    TPH Newspaper

    A real 14+ page newspaper filled with positive & inspirational content, paired with custom illustrations you will find every section a regular newspaper has: The Weather forecast, sports update, business news and much more! Delivered to you digitally or a print option is send directly to your doorstep!
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100% Free, 100% No Strings Attached, We’d love your feedback, suggestions and thoughts!
  • Stories From Around The World

  • Delivered Digitally, Print & Audio

  • Made By Educators, For Educators

Help us to inspire 1 Million Students in becoming the kindest version of themselves.

Don’t forget to refer a friend by using your custom link and we will make sure to mention you in the TPH Newspaper!
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